Welcome to Paths Ahead 2009

LIDS is pleased to have hosted the Paths Ahead in the Science of Information and Decision Systems symposium, a symposium aimed at articulating a picture of the challenges and ideas that will shape the future directions of research in the science of information and decision systems. This meeting brought together leading researchers from all around the world who have been influential in shaping the vision of and leading this field.

The Symposium, which was held November 12-14, 2009, was a smashing success, with 340 registrants, four outstanding and thought-provoking panel sessions, a plenary address by Sanjoy Mitter, a very enjoyable banquet which included a tour of the history of LIDS by Alan Willsky, and an energized and enthusiastic atmosphere. We have received many very kind comments and words of thanks and praise for this event which is the result of hard work of many at LIDS, including many of our students and postdocs, faculty, and especially our Administrative Staff. Articles and photos on the Symposium are appearing in several different IEEE Society magazines and newsletters.

The other principal pages of the Paths Ahead website include the original Statement of Purpose; the Agenda; a page recognizing the Sponsors of the Symposium; a collection of photos (a few samples of which are displayed here); the major outputs of the Symposium, namely all panelist presentations, several position papers submitted by attendees, a final report and a link to videos of the meeting.

The Paths Ahead symposium took a fresh look into old and new research directions, addressed the relevance, timing and interdisciplinary nature of these directions, and highlighted emerging paradigms in these research directions. We hope that the energy and sense of purpose which permeated this meeting and the tangible products included here help to stimulate further discussion and collaboration across our broad community.